Meeting Rooms - Topazio Room Montecchio Maggiore Hotel

Castagna Palace Hotel

Topazio Room

The Topaz room of the Castagna Palace Hotel is available to guests who need a small and exclusive space in which to hold a meeting or plan an event. The Topaz room stands out, among the meeting rooms in Vicenza and among the hotels with meeting rooms in Vicenza, for its brightness and elegance.

The Topaz is the smallest of our meeting rooms in Vicenza: it can count on a single table with eight seats and is ideal for meetings or staff meetings that or involve few people or round tables.

Small and luminous, this meeting room in Vicenza guarantees all the concentration and discretion of a place that is not dispersive. The elegant details that embellish our Topaz room and the view of the beauty of the Vicenza countryside foster the tranquility and concentration necessary in decision-making and organizational processes. The blue that characterizes the room was chosen precisely to convey the feelings of calm and peace necessary during these moments.

In order to facilitate the work of its guests, Castagna Palace Hotel provides all the material and communication tools necessary to carry out the team work: flipchart, television with DVD player, stationery items, internet connection and room service.

Our Topaz room is the ideal meeting point for short staff meetings and organizational moments.

Technical notes:

  • single table
  • 8 seats
  • 46.78 m2
  • Dimensions: 5.48 x 2.83 m