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Cycling Routes

The perfect way to discover every corner of Berici Hills area is cycling. Here you will discover plenty of routes for mountain bike as well as a normal bicycle.

One of the most definitive and popular is certainly the path of AltaVia dei Berici, purely naturalistic itinerary with a total length of 130 km between the streets of 17 different towns. Forbidden to motor vehicles, the route is divided into 11 sections attraction local outdoor activists and tourists, bikers and even people on horseback. Each stage can still be reached by car, so you can challenge the itinerary at once or proceed by steps, starting from different points on the route.

In addition to Altavia there are many other minor cycle-tourist routes including fluvial ones. You can choose between Riviera Berica Cycle Path connecting Vicenza with Noventa Vicentina following closed railway road, Giro delle Valli, Giro di Casale, the paths of Favorita or Fontane. Finally you can participate in cycle tour “from Vicenza to Lago di Fimon”, which brings together the famous “Rotonda” of Palladio imprinting the excellence of local architect.