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Routes for excursions

Berici Hills offers plenty of routes for excursions: there area can be represented in a number of districts:

Trekking area of Southern Berici

The southern area of Berici Hills is composed of gentle descents joined to the valley where the historic towns of Alonte, Orgiano and Sossano are located. It’s a perfect place for quiet walks enjoying breathtaking panorama overlooking the nearby Apennines.

Trekking area of Western Berici

In the area of Altavilla Vicentina, Brendola, Sarego and Lonigo and local ancient bishop’s castles you will discover a lot of picturesque routes. This area perfectly represents traditional agricultural economy preserved over the centuries is denoted by the many constructive works that characterize the place.

Trekking area of ​​the Lake and Fimon Valleys

This area remains among the most interesting locations of Berici Hills and the whole Vicenza province. Besides landscapes, the beauty of this area is imprinted on typical wetland flora and fauna. Local lake and Fimon Valleys remain the main scene of archaeological discoveries of Neolithic, Copper Age and Bronze Age.

Trekking area of Berica Riviera

Definitive Riviera Berica hosts many local towns remaining also an ideal place for excursions thanks to the variety of trails perfectly describing local natural heritage.

Trekking area of Val Liona

The largest valley of Berici Hills, Val Liona owes its name to the river “la Liona” or “Scolo Liona”.

Trekking area of ​​Lumignano and surroundings

Main area of naturalistic interest these location blend picturesque landscapes featuring rocky walls and boundless wild valleys. Waste network of stony paths requires a certain attention to the choice of clothing for hiking because of the slippery bottom and dense vegetation in this area.