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Rich program of events in Montecchio Maggiore is opened with “the Faida” – a historical event organized every year on 1st may, bringing together locals and tourists.

This celebration is based on folkloristic combat reenactment between the houses of Montecchi and Capuleti dating back to the times of the famous novel of “Romeo and Juliet” using also traditional costumes of the time. Actors and the participants are placed in perfectly restored medieval surroundings of fifteenth-century village completed with a typical market of those times. Medieval team games are followed ceremonial election of “Romeo and Juliet of the year” among all the visitors.

One more event of great depth is Montecchio Marittima Beach Party, a five-day festival organized on the main square of the village that is covered by sand especially for this occasion to recreate typical marine environment. This festival perfectly blends music, dancing, sports, kiosks and much more!