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Villa Cordellina Lombardi


A perfect example of Palladian style this villa was built on demand from the Venetian jurist Carlo Cordellina Molin and designed by the Venetian architect Giorgio Massari. The construction works lasted from 1735 to 1742 (the barchessas were completed around 1760) and were joined by the collaboration of another architect Francesco Muttoni.

Villa complex consists of a manor house, barchesse, turrets and an imposing rustic. Its facade features the Ionic pronaos (typical of the Palladio architecture) surmounted by a tympanum inside which stands the Cordellina coat of arms, made up of three hearts and flax flowers.

Giambattista Tiepolo took care of interior decoration. He designed the main hall of the building with a cycle of frescoes inspired by the splendor of Scipio Africanus and Alexander the Great.

The building is currently used for conferences, concerts and cultural activities, and can be visited freely upon reservation.