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Historic Monuments


Montecchio Maggiore in the province of Vicenza is defined by a series of monuments of high historical value, narrating stories of great personalities like the architect from Vicenza Andrea Palladio.

Among the most interesting monuments you will discover one of the most visited and appreciated Duomo. Neo-Gothic style building was constructed in the nineteenth century through the use of stones extracted directly from the hills of the area above Montecchio.

Together with churches and other religious symbols of history, Montecchio Maggiore is also known for its majestic Palladian-style villas including Villa Cordellina Lombardi preserving frescoes by Giambattista Tiepolo inspired by Alexander the Great. One more Villa Gualda was built at the beginning of ‘550 to accommodate the emperor Charles V, later in the nineteenth century it was converted in an agricultural villa for the production and processing of grapes and cereals.

SANTA MARIA AND SAN VITALE CATHEDRAL Known as Duomo of Montecchio Maggiore, the main cathedral in the town was built in seventh decade of nineteenth century by request from the…
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VILLA CORDELLINA LOMBARDI A perfect example of Palladian style this villa was built on demand from the Venetian jurist Carlo Cordellina Molin and designed by the Venetian architect Giorgio Massari.…
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VILLA GUALDA The main building of Villa Gualda was performed in 16th century by Stefano Gualdo and the architect Michele Sanmicheli. In 1532 the emperor Charles V. was a guest…
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